Everyones always like “He can’t have committed suicide because he always looked so happy”. When are people going to learn that a persons physical appearance of emotions does NOT say ANYTHING about their actual emotions?!! Trust me, depressed and/or suicidal people barely ever “look depressed”. The ironic truth is that they are forced to put on a smile and hide everything. The funnest most outgoing person you know could be severely suicidal, right now, and you wouldn’t even know. Open your eyes.


first pic. hope you like my penis.

I love coming back to my own bed, during the day, after spending a night at a party or at my girlfriends, knowing my bed hasn’t been a place of concentrated torture in the last 24 hours for my mind. For most days it takes me the whole morning to recover from my traumatic sleep. So it’s refreshing to look at my bed and seeing nothing more than a comfy place to relax, for once, rather that a place of torture.

It’s hard to look at your own grave, the one that you rest in every night.


Symbol at the end of The Negative One video

slipknots new song is rad